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Ophthalmic Operation Table

Model OT-2000 PLUS


Height range min./max. 640 mm/870 mm
Lifting speed 8 mm/s
Total length 1880 mm
Total width 690 mm
Base size 825mm/ 520mm
Input tension 230 V 50/60 Hz. , 110 V 50/60 Hz.
Weight capacity 135 kgs.
Gross Weight 115 kgs.


  • OT 2000 PLUS is a new generation, fluidly motorized Operation Table with feature-empowered design
  • Motorized Vertical Height Adjustment enables the ophthalmologist to perform from a convenient, comfortable standing or sitting position
  • Optimally Positioned Head Rest with manually controlled up & down motion option allows the surgeon easy access to the patient, while offering the patient comfortable head positioning.Plus, there is ample leg room and sufficient space for equipment pedals.
  • Spacious, Autistic Polyurethane Cushions offer patients excellent comfort and are easy to clean & maintain
  • Adjustable Wrist Support offers surgeons convenient stability during operations
  • Built-in Trendelenberg(head low) & Reverse Trendelenberg(head up) Positions ensures safety during emergencies

Model OT-2001


Height range min./max. 580 mm / 810 mm
Total length 1860 mm
Total width 610 mm
Lifting speed 8 mm/s
Backrest section Electro-cylinder
Weight capacity 135 Kgs
Input tension 230 V 50/60 Hz. , 110 V 50/60 Hz.
Gross Weight 118 Kgs.


  • Custom-developed to satisfy all requirements of ophthalmologists.
  • The patient can be efficiently prepared for the operation, operated on, and offered post-operative care on, OT-2001.
  • Easy transformation from a smooth transportation chair into a versatile operation table.
  • Ergonomic design, with various position settings.
  • Multi-Adjustable Head Rest can be tilted independently and smoothly height-adjusted, enabling the patient's head to be kept in a convenient position.
  • Ample leg-room for surgeons.
  • High load-bearing, stable Twin Wheel Castors with direction-locking.
  • Hand control panel and foot control for all movements.
  • Smooth, CE-marked German DC Motor-controlled chair lifting and back & forth positioning.

Note :This product is available ( Without any accessories or With Battery Back-up or Side Safety Bar ) as per clients requirements.

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